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In this course we will introducing the student to the fundamentals of ear acupuncture. You will learn both eastern and western uses of ear acupuncture. How ear acupuncture is incorporated into treatments by both conventional and alternative medicine practitioners. The different styles of ear acupuncture and history will be discussed. Ear anatomy, neurological activity, and hormonal effects will be focused on. Business aspects such as how to market, pricing and education of patients will be introduced.

Students will learn how to apply ear acupuncture in their clinic and will begin practicing these techniques with each other the first day. Heavy focus will be on finding the points by hand, needling the points and inserting semi-permanent needles.

Students will learn NADA, an internationally used procedure for detox and drug addiction. How to treat for weight loss, back pain, allergies, stress and sleep related disorders.

This is a beginning course in Auriculotherapy, students will gain the knowledge and skills they need to begin using ear acupuncture, as well as, enhance what they already know. While we will cover the theory necessary to understand these concepts and techniques, practical use of the information will have a heavy emphasis, as students will need to be able to apply these techniques in their own clinics upon completion of the course.

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2.250 DKK

Dette kursus giver: 15  RAB point

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Rick Scott Sørensen


  • Naturopati (2 år PhD fag)
  • Akupunktur og orientalsk medicin (2 år Cand.Sci fag)
  • Naturmedicin (3 år BS og 2 år Cand.Sci)
  • Medicinsk massage (2 års specialist grad)
  • Psykologi og forskning (2 års professionel grad)


  • Akupunktør (RAB) godkendt Praktiserende Akupuktører (2016)
  • Naturopath(RAB) godkendt Foreningen Naturopraxis (2015)
  • K-Laser Certification 2016
  • Clean Needle Technique (2006, 2009)
  • Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage Bodyworker (2002, 2006)
  • Førstehjælp, HLR med AED (12 timer – 2016)

Alle der har en eller anden behandleruddannelse kan deltage, så det er lige meget om du er massør, zoneterapeut, akupunktør eller har en anden behandleruddannelse.


15. marts 2018 – 16 marts 2018

kl. 8:30 – 16:00

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